2001 Chevy S10

I looked for a new truck for about two months until an ad came up. It was a Brazilian 2001 Chevrolet S10 with a 4.3-litre V6 and 42,000 miles on the odo. When I called the guy he told me that it was already sold to his cousin. I was in love with the truck so in the following days I insisted until the guy put me in touch with his cousin. After one month of harassment he gave me a call and told me he would sell.

We agreed to meet. And the meeting was in a different city, my home town! When I got there I found it was also my old neighbour selling the car. And when I got there I found this was a truck that I’d known since I was a kid; first owner was a friend of mine’s grandfather, who sold the truck to his nephew, who sold the truck to his cousin, who was the first owner’s son and therefore my friend’s father. He was remarried to my sister’s childhood best friend… links were everywhere. The truck was mint, the price was lowered, we had a good talk and the truck… I’ll never let it go.

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