’92 Ford Tempo Disaster

My First Car

My first car was a 1992 Ford Tempo GL. It was tan and had only 82,000 miles on it. I bought this car last January. And it had been my worst enemy since I bought it.

I bought this car on an impulse buy from an ad. My girlfriend at the time’s brother used to buy junk cars and flip them for profit. He sent me the ad for it and said it looked like a good first car and for the price it’d be excellent. I called my dad and I bought it that night for $1,100.

Right away I should have known it was a bad idea. I only got to look at it, other than from pictures, at night. So I couldn’t see half the things wrong with it. But it looked as could as it really could look. Little to no rust, no cracks, and no major dents. The only problem it had was that the right-rear door was permanently locked. Big deal.

The next day I took it to get an oil change. I was burning oil the whole way there. But once I got there I just had to sit in line. Once it was finally my turn, (45 minute wait) my car wouldn’t start. Not even try. The ignition wouldn’t click and they had to pull me to the side while they told me they’d charge me $200 just to look at it. And even more to fix it. I was pissed. I pulled the hood open and banged on the engine. Somehow it worked, the car started. Oil changed, good day, right?

Two days later, after putting on my own 35 miles on it, the engine died entirely. I had to have it towed. Had to replace $350 worth of parts.

It survived me another two weeks before I had to fix it again. This time my engine overheated. I couldn’t get it to hold any coolant. Everything leaked but mainly the water pump. Fortunately that was only a $150 repair. But at this time I was starting to hate my car.

However, things get worse. I was heading to work one dull and grey morning. It had just finished snowing before I left. I had barely left my house when I came to a stop sign, but my brakes locked up and I slid straight into traffic. I was hit on the right side by an SUV. My right side fender was smashed in, my passenger door slammed, my right side headlights and tail lights smashed apart, and my rear bumper torn off. Unfortunately, the driver that hit me didn’t have any insurance, a registered vehicle, or valid license. However, because the accident was considered my fault, no tickets were given to either of us. And worst of all, my car started. And I drove it home.

So after just 3 months of owning this miserable thing, I’ve put another $800 into it, and had been hit. My car was so uncommon and old now that I couldn’t find many parts for it. So I had to drive this broken thing everywhere.

If you remember, the 90’s were wierd for cars. My car had those automatic seatbelts. Well, until they broke and were permently stuck. And couldn’t be fixed either. Had to just pull them around me to get in but it worked. Shortly after, my power steering failed, and I couldn’t get that fixed either. Two weeks after my first crash, I was rear ended on my way to a friends house. The guy drove away and I never caught his plates. And my car kept moving so I just kept going. Only to find the rest of the rear or my car smashed.

At this point, this car was falling apart much like my life, but just like me, it refused to give up and kept going with all of its broken parts. Fortunately, the heat still worked. It’s cold in Wisconsin.

Finally, 3 weeks ago, the final straw was pulled. On my way to work, I heard a huge crunch come from the rear of the car and saw chunks of something rolling in my rear view mirrors. Fortunately I made it to work by coasting it downhill. Turns out, my left rear drum brake had completely shattered apart. And I still drove it home that day. I took it to my mechanic to confirm and they basically told me that I’d be a moron to put anymore money into my car. I finally accepted that I needed to get rid of my Ford before it had the chance to get rid of me.

Some one actually offered to buy my Ford for $250, and since that was $100 more than any junk yard would give me, I sold it to him. But I told him everything wrong with it and all of it’s repairs. He still wanted it. So I signed it away.

I am now the proud owner of a KIA Sportage, and I love it. And I hope that whoever bought my ford is still alive.

Rest In Pieces “Harold” The Fucking Ford Tempo. I hope you rust in car Hell.

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